Sustainability Project


It is an aim of Cambodian Schools of Hope Inc to support projects at the schools that will assist them to become more self-sufficient into the future.

Project Development

1.     To facilitate the discussion about appropriate projects for each individual school.

2.    To determine a proposal for a project giving consideration to overall aim, cost, sustainability, risk factors such as weather, disease etc, evaluation and accountability.

3.    To consider the support required to set up and maintain the project.

4.    To ensure the project is relevant to that community’s needs and that the stakeholders have the skills and enthusiasm to maintain its anticipated outcome.

Project Objective

To create relevant, cost effective projects that benefit the school, enable the students to participate and create vocational opportunities to the wider community.

Anticipated Project Outcomes

  • Financial stability and independence of schools as they endeavour to provide underprivileged children with an education and a brighter, more promising future
  • Subsidise diet of local people and children which leads to better health outcomes
  • Pre-employment and vocational training
  • Eliminating the cycle of poverty and malnourishment

Overall Outcome

As many Cambodian families have no access to vocational or pre-employment training,  and not every student will be able to get a job, projects can mean a win for everyone.  The group has supported various projects including pigs, chickens, rice fish farm, vegetable gardens and craft activities all of which have offered learning opportunities for primary, secondary, tertiary students as well as local village residents.  This means that the anticipated project outcomes are realised.